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Styled by ABBA is actually more than a brand, it’s a movement of Holy Ghost filled, tongue-talking, purpose-fulfilling, love-driven, faith-filled, demon chasing, hot-looking and forward focused individuals.

Truth is, Everywhere all over the world, God’s Children are tired of being tired and are rising to the call to step into living the life God has made available to us, even in the face of fierce oppositions, tough terrains and strong limitations. But we can do these exploits because we know our God and we know He is a rewarder to those who diligently seek Him.

What’s it like inside the squad? Well, take fruitfulness and fun, Purpose and passion, Power and Praise, Work and Worship, Faith and Family, Fitness and Fabulousity and blend then with Kingdom-focused prosperity, Organized and sustainable strategy, Fervent prayer and word immersed life and you’ll have a strong idea of what the amazing and God-defined life is for us, inside the squad.

So if you’re a Christian with a vision to cause a change and the world has just about told you it’s not possible, either directly or indirectly, then you need to get in here because what we do is exposing lies, smashing limitations and breaking strongholds so we can live and thrive in the fullness of our lives for every season


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